FSTI provides representation, promotion, and support for those engaged in the profession and/or the practice of safety, health, and environment in their efforts to protect people, property, and the environment.



At FSTI, safety is a top priority. As a company that handles chemicals, we want to be certain that our business protects the environment, our employees, and our customers. Since our company was founded in 1998, safety and a concern for the environment have been a key to all of our business operations.

As a part of our company mission, we are committed to responsibly and safely handling, storing, and transporting the chemical products that we sell. As a matter of company policy, we rigorously follow all environmental, health, and safety regulations that apply to our work.


Training Standards

FSTI conducts a thorough training program for all employees whose work will involve contact with the chemicals our company sells. After researching the field of available training modules, we chose the JJ Keller training program as the most appropriate for our organization. The Keller organization is an award-winning, highly regarded company that provides training in many of the most prominent industries in the U.S. today. Comprehensive training materials provided by JJ Keller for FSTI employees include videotaped classes as well as printed testing products.

Topics range from training for truck drivers transporting hazardous materials to proper use of protective equipment and driving techniques when transporting hazardous materials. Following the class work, testing is conducted and maintained as a permanent part of each employee’s personnel records at the company. Training is refreshed and updated on a regular basis to assure that every employee is kept up to date on safety procedures and policies.



In compliance with Department of Transportation regulations, all prospective employees are thoroughly screened prior to employment at FSTI. An independent vendor for FSTI conducts a criminal background check, employment verification, drug screening reports, and motor vehicle reports.



We are members of these organizations, serving as testimonies of our prioritization of safety.